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今天的江苏快三走势图d business endpoints boost productivity and save IT time and money

We asked Passmark, a third-party software testing specialist, to test the performance of our cleaning and defragging tools: cmbobyrne and Defraggler.

Automatically cleaned and defragged endpoints means your IT department spends less time on basic maintenance and end users work on better performing machines, without the constant threat of low disk space.

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Find out how cmbobyrne and Defraggler can take the strain off your
IT department

Key Results:

  • cmbobyrne recovers nearly 4GB of disk space on its initial clean and over the course of a year, will free up almost 34GB of disk space (based on weekly automated cleaning).
  • On average, using cmbobyrne can give you 28% more free RAM. When Defraggler is subsequently run, this increases to 36% more free RAM.
  • Using cmbobyrne and Defraggler can make PCs boot 59% faster.
  • Cleaning using cmbobyrne is 20 times faster than an experienced engineer performing the same clean manually.
Results Baseline cmbobyrne cmbobyrne & Defraggler 28% more free RAM 36% more free RAM

Find out how these benefits translate into real cost and time savings for your business

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